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It can improve

Nice app, but I would suggest one thing: it could mark the topics you have already read. It would be very useful

App does not recognize subscription

Unfortunately the App does not recognize the IP from my Institution and does not tive access as does the website in Safari. (CAPES/Brazil).

Only useful for personal subscribers?

Seems to be pretty useless for anyone with an institutional subscription to Nature, as in this case the app restricts access to table of contents and one sentence summaries of the articles. Thus downloads only recommended for anyone with a personal subscription to Nature.

Excellent app

The app is well designed with customable font sizes, bookmarks and more. Reading really is a pleasure, especially as the annual subscription is fairly cheap. Definitely worth the money.

Need subscription

Annoying to use. I should be able to access articles while on campus through my university but it still asks me to pay. No scrolling to read abstracts so if it goes below the end of the page, too bad... Ill stick to nature ported throughout my web browser.

Opening full text articles

Articles that the full text is available online for free (on the Nature website), can not be opened up in the app without a subscription!


The app should allow users that have registered with Nature online through their University subscription/or other organization to use is app to access the journal.

One of my Favourites

Works brilliantly with my paper subscription and makes accessing the journal articles easy and beautiful.

Useless for institutional subscribers

If your an institutional subscribe (i.e. Youre logged in automatically through your universitys internet connection) this app is utterly useless. It doesnt recognize the subscription, and asks you to pay, when using the website allows you access.

Unable to subscribe via In-app purchase

I tried to subscribe by selecting every possible subscription, but every time I got error. Nature support recommended me to subscribe from Nature website, but I would really prefer keeping all subscriptions through Apple. Nice magazine previews though!

Nature Chemistry?

I would like to see Nature Chemistry among the available resources.

Bookmarks are broken

Its a very nice app to have but it is a bit annoying that the bookmark system is broken, especially with many of these articles not being quickly digestible, a bookmark system that works is simple necessary.

Get ready to BEG mobile subscription staff for access

Entered into this app with high expectations, after all it is Nature magazine weekly. Truth in practice, I have been in CONSTANT pleading with unknown support staffers who after many email "contacts", wave their collective magic wands and "grant" permission to view yet another issue, days after publish date--so much for current science cutting edge literature. Recommend this app NOT. Not worth the frustration that you will be paying for monthly. Big update: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! Publisher has given notice yesterday it will cease support of this app beginning 2017. Sad to say they apparently jump-started the lack of support EARLY (like NOW!). I am in "BEG" mode again for this Nov 2016 issue.

I am a **PAID SUBSCRIBER** to "Nature" ( Journal[s]); WITHOUT any ACCESS!... (!!-???...)...

THis! is, " NoT! GOOD!! ~> a LOT!! "... My attempt to reach the, "NATURE PEOPLE" via a comment in the App Settings: ***^FAILED!!^*** ( utterly...) CONTACT!! via this REVIEW, is my last " $ToP!! " ( before =>, *I...,!!!*==>: *>CONTACT!!<* ⤵️ ✳️✳️✳️➰my ATTORNEY ‼️➰✳️✳️✳️〰 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "NATURE PEOPLE!!"...; DO YOU **READ** ???...


The registration page doesnt work, so the app is utterly unusable. How sad that such an allegedly elite journal has such a dysfunctional app. Dont waste your time. Instead, read Science magazine in the Zinio app, which works beautifully.

Institutional access?

This app would be great except it does not allow access through proxy or institutional subscription.

Still lousy

The recent update did nothing to fix the poor user experience of this app. It feels old fashioned with none of the elegant user experience promised by the iPad. The articles are flat text with a few links interspersed, but have no formatting! Equations look like they were typed in by my 12 yo kid, and the figures are not visible - you have to click a link and leave the page!!! Most upsetting, there is no table of contents or ability to browse a particular issue. My institutional library subscription gives me better access through the web site. I want the cost of my personal subscription back!


App has good features but a long way to go. Articles from Nature should have the date so you can go to the right issue without having to search. Every time I access an article and return I am flipped back to the last article. Would be much better to return to where I was.

A placeholder for an app yet to be developed.

This app could be so much more, and I do hope that it will be someday. It does not have the feel of a magazine -- it is more like a stack of folders, each containing one news item or article. Embeded in each of the folders are other folders containing the figures. You have to open each folder one at a time in order to view its contents. More advanced journals have multiple articles layed out on a page with hotlinks ( Nature and NEJM online are both good examples IMO). This complaint may be my own error: Under search / advanced / article type there is mention of the "Futures" stories, yet I cant find any of them anywhere. In fact much of the content appears to be missing.

Doesnt work with VPN

This would be a nice way to read a great journal, but it doesnt give me access from my VPN or when on my university network. Too bad...

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