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I am a **PAID SUBSCRIBER** to "Nature" ( Journal[s]); WITHOUT any ACCESS!... (!!-???...)...

THis! is, " NoT! GOOD!! ~> a LOT!! "... My attempt to reach the, "NATURE PEOPLE" via a comment in the App Settings: ***^FAILED!!^*** ( utterly...) CONTACT!! via this REVIEW, is my last " $ToP!! " ( before =>, *I...,!!!*==>: *>CONTACT!!<* ⤵️ ✳️✳️✳️➰my ATTORNEY ‼️➰✳️✳️✳️〰 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "NATURE PEOPLE!!"...; DO YOU **READ** ???...

Get ready to BEG mobile subscription staff for access

Entered into this app with high expectations, after all it is Nature magazine weekly. Truth in practice, I have been in CONSTANT pleading with unknown support staffers who after many email "contacts", wave their collective magic wands and "grant" permission to view yet another issue, days after publish date--so much for current science cutting edge literature. Recommend this app NOT. Not worth the frustration that you will be paying for monthly. Big update: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! Publisher has given notice yesterday it will cease support of this app beginning 2017. Sad to say they apparently jump-started the lack of support EARLY (like NOW!). I am in "BEG" mode again for this Nov 2016 issue.

Useless for institutional subscribers

If your an institutional subscribe (i.e. Youre logged in automatically through your universitys internet connection) this app is utterly useless. It doesnt recognize the subscription, and asks you to pay, when using the website allows you access.

Bookmarks are broken

Its a very nice app to have but it is a bit annoying that the bookmark system is broken, especially with many of these articles not being quickly digestible, a bookmark system that works is simple necessary.

App does not recognize subscription

Unfortunately the App does not recognize the IP from my Institution and does not tive access as does the website in Safari. (CAPES/Brazil).

It can improve

Nice app, but I would suggest one thing: it could mark the topics you have already read. It would be very useful

Unable to subscribe via In-app purchase

I tried to subscribe by selecting every possible subscription, but every time I got error. Nature support recommended me to subscribe from Nature website, but I would really prefer keeping all subscriptions through Apple. Nice magazine previews though!

Nature access still does not work

Its amazing that after two or more years of publishing this app, they still do not support access to the main Nature journal. Nature Communications and Sci Reports work great, so two stars for that, but three stars knocked off because of their lack of support for their primary journal. Come on guys, institution access has been the standard way to view articles online for nearly twenty years now. I dont know anyone who has a personal Nature account, and this nonsense with the iOS app not working isnt going to make things work out in your favor.

Cant use existing Nature subscription

It looks like it could be a decent app, but the critical failure is that it doesnt recognize existing subscribers and requires additional payment to view in the app. So, useless for someone who subscribes to the hard copy and online versions.

Works quite well

You can download the PDF of an article.

Good but need improvements

The design and layout are simple to use and aesthetically pleasant. However, the use of the app is limited as there is no option to access through an institution. Even if a personal subscription to Nature is done, all the content in the other journals is not available. It would also be nice to access other journals from the Nature Publishing Group, not just the Nature series. The reader is very nice, but features like night mode reading and font selection are desirable as well.

No proxy...

This app needs a method to login through an organization that has access! Useless otherwise.

Ridiculously clunky and minimal

Takes long time to load abstracts and they are not even abstracts. One sentence synopsis of papers. Almost useless. Unable to use institutional proxy.

need tts

this is very good app, but needs some text to speech function.

One of my Favourites

Works brilliantly with my paper subscription and makes accessing the journal articles easy and beautiful.

Nothing to see here. Zero*.

Briefly looking at the abstracts available here, they are nothing like a scientific abstract only a teaser for the article. The whole point of a free app is to give some free content, to entice the reader and make it worthwhile. Not here! This is not found in Natures app the "articles" and "editorial" reviewed. Even the editorial is not posted online. All else requires in app purchase to read any of the content. Avoid this app.

Dont download!

First time Im leaving a message because Im so mad. It has been auto renewing the subscription $10per month for half a year!! It didnt say anything about it the first time I purchased!!!

Nature Can’t Be Beat

Ive used this app on my iPad since it first began. It has a clean and clear interface. The journal is easy to download. In fact, I look forward to each Wednesday when it is first released and download it immediately. There is a slight change with the new version. The PDFs seem to open only in Safari/Web Browser instead of in an internal reader. While there is a slight lag in opening Safari, I can now download it, put it in an eReader or mail it to Evernote or myself. This App is far superior to Science Magazine’s app. All of the articles are downloaded for offline reading. They are not downloaded on Science. And now that my combined subscription is going up to super high rates, I’ll be switching to the app only subscription….. Wish it would do the web too, but we’ll see!


This is an app that is unforgiving. If you have a subscription that has lapsed, all content becomes inaccessible - immediately. I am not a professional scientist. I am a very interested humanist who subscribed to Nature for some time, reading as much as I could, and understanding much of it. The printed magazines stayed at home and this app allowed me to read them while commuting. But I let my subscription lapse, and on that very day, while I was actually reading an issue I had just downloaded, it became inaccessible. I emailed customer service, who asked which article I had been reading, saying they would allow me to continue it as a courtesy. This was absurd.

Much improved app

Ive been using this app for a couple of years now, and most of the previous problems have been ironed out. I find that its a very good and convenient way of reading the magazine. Just remember to delete issues once youve finished reading them.

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